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cPanel includes three tools to help you manage the images you use on your website.

  • The Thumbnailer will resize an entire directory of images to your preferred size and store them in a folder called thumbnails.
  • The Image Scaler can resize individual images.
  • The image converter, under the Convert Image Format link, can be used to convert one type of image file to another.


cPanel includes an application for creating smaller versions of images, called “thumbnails.” This can be useful if you wish to create a photo page where smaller previews of your images can be viewed before the larger original image is accessed, which will save bandwidth.

The application is known as the Thumbnailer. To access it, click Image Manager, and then click the Thumbnailer link. From here, an entire directory must be selected.

Note: The Thumbnailer application will not resize individual images.

Convert Images to Thumbnails

To convert a directory of images to thumbnails:

  1. Click the  button to navigate to the directory that you wish to change into thumbnails.
  2. Click the name of the folder (in blue) to create thumbnails for the images in the directory.
  3. Click Thumbnail Images to finish the process.
  4. Use the Scale Percent text boxes to define how small the images should be.
  5. We recommend that you keep the Keep Aspect Ratio checked when you create thumbnails. This will prevent prevent the distortion of the image because the height and width will remain proportional.

Click Reset Dimensions to return the Scale Percent values to the default.

After the application has completed resized your images, a thumbnails directory will be created as a subdirectory within the selected folder. The thumbnail images will be created with the prefix tn_*, where * represents the filename and extension.

Click the Your images have been thumbnailed into link to open the thumbnails directory in the cPanel File Manager.

Image Scaler

cPanel can resize a single image with the Image Scaler. The Image Scaler allows you to enter percentages to scale the image up or down.

Rescale an Image

To rescale an image:

  1. To navigate to the directory that contains the image that you wish to rescale, click the  button(s).
  2. Click on the image, in blue, that you wish to resize.
  3. Click Scale Image to finish the process.
    • Use the New Dimensions text boxes to define, in pixels, how the image should be resized.
    • Use the Percent text boxes to define the percentage by which the image should be resized.
    • Click Reset Dimensions to return the values to the default.
    • We recommend that you keep the Keep Aspect Ratio box selected when you scale images. This will prevent the distortion of the image, because the height and width will remain proportional.
    • Select the Retain a copy of the old image as box to store a copy of the original image. Specify the directory in the file below.
    • Click the Your image link to view the rescaled image.

Convert an Image Format

cPanel includes an application that converts image file formats. After you upload the image to your website, it can be selected and converted through cPanel’s format converter. Any of the supported file types can be converted from one type to another with this application. After the conversion is complete, the new file is placed in the same directory as the original by default.

Note: This feature will convert all of the images in a directory. A single image cannot be converted.

Convert Image Format

To convert the image format:

  1. Navigate to the directory of images you wish to convert by clicking the  button(s).
  2. Click on the directory, in blue, that you wish to convert.
  3. Select the file format to which you would like to convert the images. You may select any of the following file formats:
    • .PNG
    • .JPG
    • .GIF
    • .BMP
  4. Click Convert.

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