How to Install A Script Using Softaculous  Print this Article

STEP 1 Login to your cPanel at (replace "" with your actual domain).

STEP 2 Click the Softaculous icon link under Software/Services column.

STEP 3 Scroll down the list on the left until you find the script you want to install and click the link.

STEP 4 You will see an overview of the script including its description and average user rating.

STEP 5 Click the Features, Demo, Ratings and Reviews tab to know more about the script.

STEP 6 Once you have decided to use the script, select the Install tab.

STEP 7 Fill in the required information for the script or accept the defaults which will work in most cases.

STEP 8 Select the directory where you want to install the script.

STEP 9 Enter a database name which will be automatically created.

STEP 10 Click Install.

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